Grace DawTyne, MSW, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Grace graduated from Aurora University where she earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work with a specialization in gerontology. She has provided counseling services to adolescents, worked with individuals in medical settings, and facilitated crisis interventions. She provides individual therapy for individuals of all ages. Grace has experience working with those who have experienced trauma, life stressors, anxiety, depression, along with several other mental health challenges and disorders. She is certified in Trauma-Informed Care while utilizing models such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Strengths-Based, Solution-Focused Approach, and emphasizing psychosocial environmental viewpoint. Grace believes that every individual is unique and has the capacity to be resilient; the ability to bounce back when faced with adversity.  She is excited to meet you and work as a team to help you face the curveball being thrown your way. Her goal is to assist each individual in therapy to change his or her life for the better. 

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Sometimes you have to let go of the concept of what you think life will always be like and learn to find courage to have joy in the story you are actually living.  ~Mary Alice Wentling

With decades of experience, Mary Alice Wentling is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), Registered Play Therapist , and a certified Practitioner of Traumatic Memories Protocol whose approach to working with individuals is rooted in neuroscience, connection, creativity, curiosity and collaboration.  Mary Alice works with individuals of all ages, specializing in anxiety, trauma and adapting to life changes.  

As a Registered Play Therapist and Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, Mary Alice works with young children (in partnership with their grown-ups) to discover and use nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, and connection skills to playfully address life challenges.  Art, sandtray, game play, puppet play, bibliotherapy are examples of the interventions used.

When working with adults, Mary Alice collaborates with people to manage and resolve issues that interfere with having joy and contentment enter their lives.  She specializes in anxiety, trauma, depression and adjustment to life changing events incorporating autonomic nervous system regulation, mindfulness, and interpersonal neurobiology to help people find their “brave” to make the changes they wish.  As a trauma therapist, Mary Alice is an approved provider of EMDR, Safe and Sound Protocol and, RTMP (Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories Protocol).  All of these modalities are evidenced-based interventions showing effectiveness for resolution of past trauma.

Mary Alice will collaborate with you to create a positive and accepting space that supports you through your journey of achieving goals for change.


Erin DeSutter Rangel, MS, LCPC, CADC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. Erin is a graduate of Illinois State University where she earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology and has been working with individuals with identified goals of improved mental health or change in their relationship with substances for over 10 years.  She has a passion for partnering with and empowering individuals to recognize and achieve their personal potential for wellness by assisting development of self-awareness, acceptance, authenticity, and resilience.  She employs a strength-based, empathic therapy, utilizing models of Solution-Based, Cognitive-Behavioral, Motivational Enhancement, and Mindfulness to confront issues of Depression, Anxiety, Transition, Chemical Dependency, Relationship Impasses, and Trauma.  She believes in the importance of building upon the strength and hope within the present to provide resolve and decreased connection to the challenges of the past.  She specializes in working with individuals, young adults, and couples.


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The staff at MMA- Moeller, Myers & Associates, PC are professional, thorough, caring, compassionate and dedicated to assisting people through life’s difficulties. We have over nine decades of experience providing assessment and counseling services to individuals, couples and families covering many issues.  We have a Registered Play Therapist who is also a Certified Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider, Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselors, and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional on staff.  We can provide comprehensive care to you and your family. Let us help.



Natalie J. Moeller, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has counseled children, adolescents and adults for nearly 30 years. Natalie graduated with her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Illinois State University with a major in Psychology.  She then went on to earn her Master of Social Work Degree from George Williams College of Aurora University.  Natalie has been licensed to practice Social Work since 1993. She provides individual, couple, and family counseling for a variety of issues.  Her areas of expertise include:  depression, anxiety, trauma, divorce/separation, parenting, children/adolescents, communication issues, stress management, grief & loss, alcohol and drug assessment & services.  Natalie recognizes each client is a unique individual possessing their own strengths, so she provides a comprehensive and thorough clinical assessment to help determine the client or family's needs and more importantly- their strengths.  Her counseling services come from a client-centered perspective and strength-based perspective.  Natalie utilizes many therapy modalities such as Trauma-Informed, EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Polyvagal Theory & Play Therapy, just to name a few.   Natalie is an Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist, a Certified Practitioner of Traumatic Memories Protocol, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and specializes in Neuropsychotherapy; which brings together the research of neuroscience and known effective therapy modules. Natalie works to assist clients to identify their overall thought processes and change their negative thoughts and beliefs into more positive, motivating thoughts which will create the change the client desires.  




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Jennifer has worked in the mental health field for more 20 years following a career as a junior and senior high teacher. She has experience with everyone from very young children to elderly individuals. She believes firmly in the individual's ability to change if they so desire, regardless of education level, socioeconomic status, or past challenges. She approaches all people with an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude. Acceptance and kindness are important traits and ones she strives to show each and every person she meets, whether that is within my office or at the grocery store. She strives to create a welcoming environment that feels safe and comforting to any individual who is visiting. She employs brief, solution-focused methods to resolve issues in a timely manner. She emphasizes a family systems approach involving as many aspects of an individual's life in the therapeutic process as possible. She specializes in family issues, autism, ADD/ADHD in adults and children, adjustment issues, depression, anxiety and many other topics. She has some very unique personal experiences as the mother of a special needs child as well as personally being a child and grandchild of divorce. She has inadvertently specialized in family issues and grief and loss as well as helping families to cope with a special needs individual.

Andrea is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and member of the American Counseling Association who has been practicing in the field for over 8 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Science Degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University.

Andrea’s professional goal is to help empower individuals and families to overcome personal challenges in order to live their healthiest life both mentally and physically. Andrea believes the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in creating change, and her fun sense of humor, warm smile, and understanding personality help to strengthen that relationship.

Andrea has experience treating children, teens, adults, and families. She has worked in community mental health, school-based counseling, and in crisis services to help treat a variety of disorders such as mood, anxiety, trauma-related, neurodevelopmental, and personality disorders. Andrea comes from an eclectic therapeutic framework in that she uses different techniques and interventions from a wide range of therapies to help develop a plan of care that best suits your individual needs. Andrea is eager to partner with you on any challenge you face, and together will work to improve your quality of life and start your journey on a path to wellness!  

Favorite Quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Theodor Seuss Geisel


Ashley Siepka, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Ashley graduated from Aurora University with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Social Work, with a specialization in gerontology and healthcare. Ashley has worked with a variety of populations for over 7 years including treating children, adolescents and adults. Ashley has experience working with older adults and their caregivers in nursing home settings as well as working with adults in residential treatment. She has worked in a community-based non-profit setting and has provided crisis interventions. Ashley has been trained in EMDR and is able to integrate this into the therapeutic process to aid with symptom reduction. She incorporates a variety of therapeutic approaches including mindfulness-based interventions as well as solution-focused techniques that are tailored to the client's individual treatment goals. Ashley's therapeutic approach is person centered as she believes everyone strives for and has the capacity to fulfill their own potential. Ashley works in collaboration to empower and motivate the client to achieve their set goals.